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Unto the Sun

Back in 1996 my band No Love Lost was practicing in York, PA. During our practice sessions we would work on different sounds and songs, slowly cobbling together our original material. We would also jam, just trying to play off of each other. I recorded almost every moment so I could review it and maybe find fragments of ideas. All of these recordings vanished in the last year or so leaving me with only a few digital copies of moments. But here is what I call Unto the Sun.  Mike Zeiders is on bass, John Thrush on drums and I play the guitar. This was recorded through the condenser microphones on a boom box. So the balance and tone is as good as it will get.

No Love Lost -John Thrush, Jeff Thompson and Mike Zeiders

No Love Lost -John Thrush, Jeff Thompson and Mike Eiders

Unto the Sun – No Love Lost

Happy Thanksgiving

2012 is winding down. We have made it to this reflective holiday of Thanksgiving. A wonderful time to reflect, to not look back or ahead, but to pause and look around, to see that which you are a part of, that which you have and that which is there for you. It is my favorite holiday, a tradition of gater