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No Love Lost plays Firehall with the Bennies

We put on a a couple of shows with bands we like The Bennies were one. This was at the Fairview Township Firehall late 2000 early 2001, I think. Some great recordings from this show but I think the tape snapped, so this may be all that survived there was versions of December Moon and I think a good version of “Bob” but right now all I can find is this recording of Footsteps. This song was originally written about Christian Hudson by Mike Zieders, John Thrush and myself, we revived it when recording the second albums worth of stuff but it didn’t fit but I loved playing it live.

Footsteps – No Love Lost

Sleepless and Lost

So the third track I wrote in the propaganda series involved FDR’s speech “the crime of war must cease” and an interview with one of the first British Troops to liberate a concentration camp. The drum track started out as something else but I wanted to find a gong so I went to a Fleetwood Mac Song and ended up reversing the gong and keeping the drums and this popped out. I had been awake for at least a day hence the working title. This is my favorite of the pieces.

The fourth piece is lost I hope to find it eventually and add it to the list here.

Sleepless and Lost – Ninthwave


I really liked how the process for Cold Ass worked so I replicated it with a different drum loop and used Radio Hanoi broadcasts one male and one female but I focused on dissecting and looping words more than I did with Cold Ass. I also put loads of delay on the guitar and was quite pleased with how the guitar riff came out. I had most if not all of a six pack of Yuengling Lager while working on this to combat my ass being cold on the chair hence the working title. This one did the best on the garageband competition I entered all of these in, I think I was in the top 50 world wide at one point, never cracked enough though to move the music further but it was a fun format and I liked writing this way.

Lagerhead – Ninthwave

Cold Ass

In 2000 with the election on I was fascinated with propaganda. I distinctly remember watching on PBS a documentary on the Taliban blasting Buddhists statues in Afghanistan and feeling we were going to go to war somewhere. I wrote 4 pieces exploring propaganda in different forms from World War II and Vietnam.

In this piece I sampled Axis Sally, a telephone, a scratchy record. I then recorded the bass and sampled myself. Recorded keyboards and sampled and looped them. To retain an organic feel I recorded two acoustic guitars through an RP-1 but I did them live, in one continuous take over the whole track, no punch ins or loops for each one. This was to counteract the machinery of the samples.

I did this in one evening. And entered the song in a contest on the garageband site. This was garageband before it was an Apple thing.

I used Cool Edit Pro to record and mix the songs, but I have lost the original tracks and just have this final version. I am not too happy with the mix but it is what it is.
I was sitting on a chair in a room that was separated from the rest of the house enough that the chair was ice cold and the whole time I sat down to work on things I thought my ass is cold, hence the working title.

I decided to bring back the band name Ninthwave which was the band Scott Scallorn, Rick Balmer, Christian Hudson and assorted sundry played under for a short while. Ever since then anything I do that is just me gets called Ninthwave and stuff I do in bands go by the band’s name.

Cold Ass – Ninthwave