Cold Ass

In 2000 with the election on I was fascinated with propaganda. I distinctly remember watching on PBS a documentary on the Taliban blasting Buddhists statues in Afghanistan and feeling we were going to go to war somewhere. I wrote 4 pieces exploring propaganda in different forms from World War II and Vietnam.

In this piece I sampled Axis Sally, a telephone, a scratchy record. I then recorded the bass and sampled myself. Recorded keyboards and sampled and looped them. To retain an organic feel I recorded two acoustic guitars through an RP-1 but I did them live, in one continuous take over the whole track, no punch ins or loops for each one. This was to counteract the machinery of the samples.

I did this in one evening. And entered the song in a contest on the garageband site. This was garageband before it was an Apple thing.

I used Cool Edit Pro to record and mix the songs, but I have lost the original tracks and just have this final version. I am not too happy with the mix but it is what it is.
I was sitting on a chair in a room that was separated from the rest of the house enough that the chair was ice cold and the whole time I sat down to work on things I thought my ass is cold, hence the working title.

I decided to bring back the band name Ninthwave which was the band Scott Scallorn, Rick Balmer, Christian Hudson and assorted sundry played under for a short while. Ever since then anything I do that is just me gets called Ninthwave and stuff I do in bands go by the band’s name.

Cold Ass – Ninthwave

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