In 1994 the musician Jeff Thompson started using the moniker The Ninthwave inspired by Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love. Jeff Thompson would eventually call the small recording studio in York, PA Ninthwave Studios and release a series of songs in various competitions as The Ninthwave.

This site rose out of the ashes of those projects like a Phoenix (Fenix??) and is left as a place for The Ninthwave to be an artist, and do what artists do and reflect on the reality they are in. The Ninthwave has reached the point where the need to comment is more focussed on the droplets of moments; and collected in little fragments and wisps of ideas; instead of Poems, Songs, Quartets, Eps, and Concept Albums. Though some of the past work will be cataloged here when digital copies can be secured from the few tapes that survived the basement flooding of Lee in 2011. Such is this life, everything we do is of a moment, some we may hold onto for generations, others fade away and pass through our hands, it is up to us to try to live a life not grasping at the falling sands, but looking towards the infinite beach.